my ordinary day

I wake up @5:45. sometimes I meditate, breath-work, delete junk emails, or take a glance at the future market. wash my face, get dressed, go downstair, feed my dog, fill the hot water pot and turn on the switch, ground a quarter cup of coffee beans, put the ground coffee in the aero coffee maker, open the curtains, let the dog out, do a few stretches in the fresh morning air, let the dog in, pour hot water over ground coffee, fill a mug of hot water and take it to my work desk. take a sip. turn on my work laptop and get ready for work. if it’s not 6:30am yet or my computer takes its time to get connected to VPN, I take my hot water mug with me and go to the backyard, observe my plants. it feels good to feel the hot water running through my inside in the early morning. plants and trees look fresh and healthy. sometimes, Chewie, my dog, observes the plants with me; other times, he directly goes back upstairs to take another nap.

6:30am, checking emails, respond. take care of tasks. make phone calls as necessary. tele-meetings. notice my coffee brew is ready. mix a spoonful of coconut oil and blend with magic-bullet blender and pour in the same mug, take it back to my work desk. continue taking care of work stuff. look at stock market status on my personal laptop, which is side by side with my work laptop. my glance goes back and forth between two laptops until 3pm, which is the time when I stop working.

Take my phone and personal laptop, go back to my bedroom, get in bed, either watch something on the laptop or take a nap. sometimes go to the park with my daughter and Chewie for about half an hour. other times, I do yoga in the backyard for an hour. study Gene Keys. take care of my plants. cook dinner of course but never is a big deal though. I’m not a big eater, but my daughter is a connoisseur. go get some groceries maybe. cooking for Chewie is a big deal every 4 to 5 days. Organic chickendrums and carrots cooked in a constant pot. Chewie has 4 meals a day. he is like a clockwork and would never let us forget each of his meals.

enjoy the time after 3pm. entirely mine. we order in sometimes. watch a movie, especially during the stay-at-home months. I like to be locked down. don’t feel like that i have to be anywhere. looking forward to another online retreat with Gene Keys starting June 20. contemplation makes me feel grounded and solid – it makes life worth living.