an ideal partner

I can make a long list all the characteristics of an ideal partner, but the important ones are few:

  • infinitely optimistic, based on a deep understanding and a wide experience in life
  • having a profound respect for life in general
  • always choosing decency and kindness unconditionally

I couldn’t picture a person in my life who can embody these three, until the past Sunday I ran into someone on my morning walk with Chewie, my dog. He was running with his dog. When they were passing us, Chewie started running after them and I had to follow along. His dog suddenly stopped to poop in the middle of the road and he introduced, “this is Brody and I’m Mike.” His smile was warm and natural, his mannerism, authentic. He also looked healthy and energetic. He could be the ideal man prototype.

at night I couldn’t sleep and I decided to listen to a sleep meditation on finding a soulmate. To be truthful, I listened to it for 2 hours, but I didn’t really hear anything it says, expect the melody and a girl’s whispering gently in my ears. strangely, I’m not sure it’s because of the man I ran into or the subliminal message in the soulmate finding mediation, I had a sex related dream. it was tantalizing and feeling warm and fuzzy when I woke up. but the dream was purely sexual because I didn’t even see or talk to the person in my dream. I didn’t even see his face. He was just a naked man. The first step.