write a short bio

I know I haven’t been active here and I do feel a little bad about this.

In order to rekindle my enthusiasm in writing, I joined a community writing group yesterday. However it requires each member to write a short bio as self introduction to the group. Now, I’m thinking, what angle should I go about?

I was born in mainland China. I liked reading and writing as a kid. In 5th grade, I wrote a poem and it was published in the school Journal. One time, I wrote a movie review and won two movie tickets. Another time when my daughter was a toddler, I wrote an article for a city newspaper about massage for toddlers to keep their immune system up. I wrote in Chinese then. Later on, English language opened a parallel universe to me. I fell in love with it. I kept reading books and learning English vocabulary with wonderment – I found my Narnia. I dreamed to marry an English writer or an English literature professor and live in London, so we could write together at home in the dreary, rainy cold days. So far, either of my dreams has come true.

That sums up my creative writing experience. Meantime, I have been busy living out many of my other parallel lives as well. Have been doing plenty of technical writing but not creative writing. I would like to use this opportunity to get started.