Femininity in Dating

My daughter shared a revelation after our yoga class a couple of days ago and I thought she was right on point.

What’s a natural way to approach dating for females?

Now a days, more and more females try to take the masculine approach by mimicking male behavior to directly chase after guys or ask guys out, to show assertiveness and to demonstrate that I’m a modern woman and I know what I want. I’m in charge. I’m in control of my own life. However, I do believe this is one approach which is to swing the pendulum directly from one side to another – a radical change in order to make a dent in the condition women were in for centuries. Sometimes, this seems the only way to correct the course of the collective trend of history. But on the individual level, this approach is a remedial intermedia progress, not the ultimate goal. This is not the ultimate solution because this is not beneficial to human as a race in the long run.

(1) This masculine approach does not demonstrate the strength of femininity. Women believe they have to become masculine (a mutated female form) to be in control of life and to enjoy life, which is against nature – females will become more muted in femininity and transmute toward genderless and toward masculinity. However this is not a development we prefer.

(2) This masculine approach emasculates men and causes the birth of a mutated male form, which is also against nature – males will become more muted and transmute toward genderless and toward femininity. However, this is not a condition we are trying to achieve either.

Here is my daughter’s proposal:

We should all go inward to find true femininity and masculinity within ourselves. As women particularly, we need to work on internally what we want in a partner at a soul level. Knowing what we don’t want is not the same as knowing what we want. True clarity in what we desire in a partner is the key to find a partner.

This takes tons of solitude and a lot of inner strength to cultivate, but I’m sure it’s worth the effort.

I admire my daughter’s clarity and vision. She nailed it.

Truth is often in plain sight, can be explained in plain language and simple concept, but also can be so easily slipped through our fingers like water.