Can I Bend Time?

can I bend time?

I believe I can. Here is my story.

Sunday Feb 24 2019. 7:21am, I opened my eyes and immediately I was in total despair because I planned to go to the 7:30am yoga session. My first thought was evidently I would not be able to make the class. for an unknown reason, 7:22am, I suddenly jumped out of bed and wanted to try to make it. I washed my face, put on moisturizer, and then put in my contact lenses. Ran downstairs. Meantime, our dog Chewie was running down with me, because he wanted to eat breakfast. I took out his food (two containers: homemade chicken with carrots, and organic canned sweet potatoes), found a spoon in the drawer, and scooped out two spoons of chicken with carrots and one scoop of sweet potatoes. I dashed into the garage and from the dryer, I grabbed my yoga towel and sweatshirt first, put them in my car, and then grabbed my shorts and sports bra and two hand towels from the dryer, the water bottle from my car, ran back to the house, put on my shorts and bra, filled the water bottle, wet my two hand towels, fetched my handbag, dashed back to the garage and drove off.

It’s 3 miles from home to the yoga studio. 5 traffic light stops. 2 of the 5 lights were green. parked. grabbed car key, wet towels, yoga mat and ran in. Put my flip-flops and key on the shelf and walked in the hot room. The room was full. The long haired guy signaled me over to the space next to him, he and the guy behind me both moved their mats so I could have enough space to put down my mat. I stood on my mat for a few seconds to calm down, and Charlene (the instructor) walked in – “lights’ up!”

was it possible for me to complete all these movements within 7 minutes? if not, what truly happened?